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Gear Motor Configurator with live 3D updates

  • Configure a gear box with multiple options for an AC Motor.

  • Download a 2D drawing for any possible combination of the options, by clicking the "DOWNLOAD PDF" button.


This is a very simple example for easier understanding and it is scalable to any level of complexity and number of product options.

Please wait untill the Motor model loads on the viewer, before making selections.


Rigid Coupling Configurator

Generate drawings and cad models for this rigid coupling for any desired value of the dimension.

When you choose the "Fully custom" option, please make sure to enter appropriate dimensions to get the right output. This is controllable through the configurator rules but left to the user to witness actual results of the entered values.

The CAD Engine seamlessly creates drawings with properly scaled and placed views with all the required dimensions and corresponding product related data.

Click download pdf for generating 2D drawing and click update 3D button for viewing the 3D model.

Plain Bearing Configurator

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