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VA Offers custom software development services to customers worldwide. Our mission is to excel in the art of providing solutions with rich and tailored customer experiences.

Immersive AR & VR Apps

The next generation of media is here in the form of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) and we’re right at the forefront of providing immersive and interactive experiences.

Our team can create web and mobile apps to stream your 360° VR or AR content. With dynamic layouts and live streaming support, you only have to drag-and-drop your content into our dedicated VR framework. It’s that easy.

  • Playback Control - Handles separate frame rate and surrounds audio format for every piece of content. The AV Player and ExoPlayer are the dedicated video players used in our Frame work. Range is from 360 Mono, 3D and 2D to 180 3D VR modes.


  • Cross Platform Operability - Projection formats can be implemented in Equirectangular, Cubemap, and Lambert to make the mobile app compatible with other VR headsets such as Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vibe, etc.


  • Spatial Audio - With support for 5.0, 4.0, and 7.0 surround formats, it will provide spatial audio support with HRTF, for VR videos. A pair of HRTFs for two ears is used to synthesize a binaural sound that comes from a particular point in space.


  • Live Streaming - Live Streaming of 360° videos with user interactions is a unique advantage our framework offers. Dynamic widgets & content features can be augmented on screen for live events.


  • In-App Video Purchase - It can be defined for every video. Parameters such as price, privileges, and discounts can be managed for individual customers without manual involvement.


  • Interactive Menu - Interactive Menu functionalities can be decided and modelled through the framework. A user can switch between pieces of content or navigate through the app without taking the headset.

Do you want to provide powerful, innovative, immersive experiences? You can livestream or provide previews of product functionality, tradeshow demonstrations, films, commercials, concerts, sports events, real estate spaces, furnishing options, museum tour… the list goes on and on.

Web Applications

VA provides custom web development and programming services employing the latest technologies and industry trends based on your requirements, needs and wishes.


Our experience includes designing and developing web applications for start-ups, small companies and big corporations.

We also develop white label web applications for our clients if necessary. With digitalization invading homes, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) and advances in cloud technology, we also provide home automation web applications that monitor and control in-house appliances. Whatever your idea or imagination, we can make it possible.

  • The Right Choice - We listen to your needs, understand your business, evaluate and choose the right technology to minimize risk and guarantee success.

  • Development - Robust, reliable and secure applications are uniquely tailored to the requirements of each client.

  • Manual/Automated QA - Our QA options ensure that your application runs without any glitches on any browser and screen.

  • Multi-Platform - Powerful cross-platform applications increase the reach and engagement levels of your business.

  • Flexible & Scalable - We deliver flexible and scalable web applications so that your business stays nimble and can grow quickly.

  • Cloud Platform - Our applications leverage the latest cloud technology such as AWS, Azure & Google Cloud to provide powerful solutions that are conveniently accessible.

Industrial Automation Made Simple
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Industrial automation in factories and production units maximizes returns through improved control and efficiency. Such automation is made possible by extremely complex software to control various devices, processes and machines that replace manual work. We have vast experience in software development for the automation industry ranging from developing frameworks, sensors, servers, and equipment to manage the operations and processes in industrial automation.

  • SCADA HMI - Our custom SCADA/HMI solutions include Human Machine Interface (HMI) & Development, Custom SCADA development, Plant Mimic displays & user interface and Alarm Monitoring and Processing.

  • DAQ - Our Data Acquisition software development services include PC based Data Acquisition system, Data Logger Software Development, Trend display development, Device Configuration Management.

  • Driver Development -Experience in developing drivers for Modbus (Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP), OPC (OLE for Process Control), HART protocol, SEMI standards (HSMS, SECS-I, SECS-II, GEM), MTConnect (R), IEC 61850 (Substation Automation), ABB TotalFlow.

  • Internet of Things - Gateway system to connect to sensors that measure parameters like temperature, pressure, flow, level, etc. The data from gateways are collected in a centralized cloud system to monitor and control from remote devices.

  • Remote Monitoring - Manufacturers stay connected to their equipment and provide the opportunity for suppliers and end users to share information with each other faster and more efficiently. They are able to identify discrepancies along packaging lines in real time using the data from remote monitoring devices.

Software Product Development
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VA provides product development services for a range of digital solutions and understand that every project has its own goals, opportunities and challenges.


We create tailored solutions implementing the latest in cloud, mobile and desktop technologies to empower our clients. Our expert team of skilled developers provides comprehensive end-to-end development following agile methodologies. However, we can also support your team with certain stages of development or testing as required

  • Process and Planning - We take the time necessary to understand the need and requirement and   employ multiple brainstorming sessions to construct the best possible solutions.

  • UI & UX Design - Our excellent knowledgeable team understands the best products are generally characterized by experience and responsive interfaces.

  • Design & Development - We practice and adhere to a very agile process, constantly keeping the client informed and up to date on the progress, lessons learnt, and accountability of every hour worked.

  • Launch & Maintenance - We work with your IT staff to find the best possible type of deployment, Cloud, 3rd party or on-site server and support launch from beginning to end and beyond with our talented support group.

  • QA & Testing - In addition to unit and integration testing by our project teams, we maintain a second level of QA and regression testing through our experienced, highly educated QA and Testing team.

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