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Cloud based CAD Server, outputs high-quality 2d Drawings, Datasheets & 3d CAD Models compatible with all Major CAD Systems


Our SaaS solution empowers your customers and internal sales personnel to visualize their product selection real-time in our HTML-friendly 3D viewer, then download a compatible CAD model, 2D drawing or pdf datasheet, real-time directly from your website.


VA's visual CAD server can be easily embedded into any web page, either fully as an Iframe/Cname or partially as individual components (CAD download button, drawing download button, datasheet download button, CAD format drop-down list and 3D viewer console.)

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VA creates High Quality Drawings

Over the years, we have served for a wide range of industries and products, which helped us to gain knowledge on the intended uses of different products which in turn helped us to create drawings with more clarity following the standards in practice, and with all the crucial data that a potential buyer might need before selecting a product, without revealing any critical design information. 

Why Offer Online CAD

There are many benefits to offering 3D CAD & 2D drawings on-line. The strongest reason being they get your products “designed in" which leads to prototype and production orders. Many studies have shown that when a CAD Model is downloaded from a supplier's website and added to a design BOM, 50% to 80% of the time at least one part is purchased from that supplier.

Providing CAD & 2D sales assets also help build customer loyalty, provide critical product information, reduce errors and product returns, better aid, educate, guide or engage your sales/engineering teams and customers, are a fantastic way to generate high quality sales leads by requiring registration before download and attract new customers.


Increase in Sales


Gains & Advantages

Sales enablers

Get your products "designed in" early in the product development process. Design wins lead to prototype and production purchase orders. We call them "sales enablers."

Reach new customers
Win more business by engaging product searchers with immersive 3D experience.

24/7 High quality sales leads
Generate high quality sales leads, which gets converted much faster and easier as the customers register in your website prior to CAD or Drawing downloads.


Satisfy All Stakeholder Needs, Eliminate All Doubts 

2D assets provide critical product and design information and can touch many hands outside customer engineering, including but not limited to; Marketing, Sales, PDM, Procurement, Documentation, Shipping, Purchasing, & QA/QC and are a “must have” when making a final purchasing decision.

Win the battle

When there are multiple suppliers competing for the same product request, those who supply CAD models & 2D drawings are chosen 90% of the time over those who do not.

Faster Lead Generation

When a CAD Model is downloaded and added to a design BOM, 50% to 80% of the time at least one part is purchased.

Avoid Sale Killers

Eliminate lost sales due to prolonged wait times by customers on questions involving product function, fit, specification, performance, quoting and lead times, all of which can be easily communicated via a 3D model or associated 2D drawing/datasheet.

Efficient utilization of engineering resources

Save money by limiting the time engineers or other staff spend creating and e-mailing drawings & CAD models, answering technical sales queries, or helping customers select standard/configurable products, freeing up their time to focus on new product development, technologies & design.

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