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The Best Parametric CAD Configurator for any Engineered Product

Advanced parametric CAD engine generates real-time 3D Models and 2D drawings for stand-alone or configurable, standard, custom and ETO products.


Seeing becomes believing

Future Engineering

Configure an AC Motor with different gear box options.
This is a very simple example for easier understanding and scalable to any number of product options.

Please wait untill the Motor model loads on the viewer, before making selections.


Infinite product variations.
Large number of part numbers.
Complex product configurations.
Product sizes defined by customers.
High quality 2d sales drawings for products.

3D Pink Bicycle
Math and Geometry Tools

Drawing Automation


Generate drawings and cad models for this rigid coupling for any desired value of the dimension.

When you choose the "Fully custom" option, please make sure to enter appropriate dimensions to get the right output. This is controllable through the configurator rules but left to the user to witness actual results of the entered values.

The CAD Engine seamlessly creates drawings with properly scaled and placed views with all the required dimensions and corresponding product related data.

Click download pdf for generating 2D drawing and click update 3D button for viewing the 3D model.

This is the most unique and exciting feature about VA's Visual CAD Configurator. For any user input value on Product Dimensions, Type or Any other physically changing attribute, the backend CAD automation program can instantly generate a new drawing with required views, dimensions, annotations and data without compromising any aspect of a drawing regardless of the complexity of the product.

This makes our configurator suitable for Products that are completely customizable with infinite variations. Not just that, for standard products like fasteners, gears etc. with large number of size and type variations, the configurator eliminates the effort and time in creating drawings for each individual part number.

Bended Tubes

CAD Engine

AdobeStock_379546125_Preview (1).png

3D and 2D data

User Inputs

The CAD Engine is not a cloud storage that delivers user selected CAD Models and Drawings, rather it performs the work of an expertise CAD engineer and produces CAD Models and Drawings in real time using robust algorithms programmed over years.

The right platform for your customers to define your product dimensions, options, features and performance attributes, and instantly deliver back 3D rendered visualization, 3D CAD Models and highly defined 2D Drawings or product information sheets for their design, quoting and purchasing needs



Standard Products

Our CAD Configurator serves as a single page replacement for complex multi-page catalogs where product offerings have many categories, sizes, features and performance attributes. As an example, the wide range of attributes needed to define a screw, such as head size and type, thread size and length, recess type and size and material/finish, can be concatenated into a single window replacing a complex "n" pages of catalog requiring the end-user to navigate through multiple pages in order to find an exact part number.

  • 1000's of variations can be designed using just a handful of "Smart" CAD Models.

  • No Additional CAD models are needed for future additions, updates and revisions. Making them cost effective and fast to implement.

  • Reuse existing internal CAD assets.


Configure to Order Products (CTO)

VA’s CAD Configurators are equipped with robust algorithms to handle endless product configuration options and complexities offering users a seamless product configuration experience.

The Visual experience of real-time interchanging features and components throughout the configurator selection process better educates your customer about your product’s potential features, options and benefits, putting them in the best place to match their requirement and succeed.

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Building a Robot

Engineered to order Products (ETO)

VA's CAD Configurator is driven by logic libraries created from your own internal rules as well as other globally accepted engineering rules which govern the configurator options, sequences, limits and methods, empowering your sales and engineering teams with a "virtual engineer" who can guide your customers through your entire product offering, making sure their request is compatible with your manufacturing/quality process and capabilities.


Industrial Purchase Process can be cumbersome, complicated and time consuming, leading to design flaws, misunderstandings and under quoting, all of which can lead to lost revenue. It involves a complex web of product selection, product specifications, validation of suitability, pricing, timing and documentation all of which are necessary for the internal and external approval process. 

The configurator simplifies this process by letting your customers learn your products easily and make accurate selections with more confidence. 

Focus on the Innovation

 For each new sales inquiry, providing the request for quote documentation, CAD models, sales or production drawing and other product specifications for non-standard configurable products can be time consuming and prone to human error, tying up your engineering resources to continually re-engineer your existing product designs and provide best guess pricing as fast a possible, for orders that may never take place.

This leaves less time to engineer new product offerings, all the while leaving chance to errors, rework, backlogs and delays, all of which can affect profit margin and damage your reputation. 

VA’s CAD Configurator is a cloud hosted solution developed specifically to remove bottlenecks in the sales process for simple to highly complex configurable products and services. 

It lets the user visually configure every aspect of the product by selecting options and entering dimension values and instantly visualize them with the embedded 3D Product viewer, and also download CAD models, sales drawings and other product documents for the specific configuration.

What is a Sales Drawing?

2d drawings are still the best communication mediums used by industry today. They are called sales drawings because their sole purpose is to support the sales activity. They communicate all the necessary information a buyer needs to validate a product per their design needs, assess assembly requirements and compatibility with their existing design and quality standards. 

Unlike technical drawings, sales drawings do not reveal any confidential design information about the product.


Shortened sales cycles

Cut down the time to create sales proposals, CAD models and specification drawings from weeks to minutes.

Reduce costly design errors 
With standardized design rules and automated systems, costly design errors that leads to delays backlogs and reworks are diminished and eliminated.

Gain competitive advantage
Make sales proposals faster than your competitors.

24/7 High quality sales leads
Capture high quality sales which gets converted much faster and easier, as the customers register in your website, as they use the configurator.

Save Time & Improve the process
With the automation in place for the creation of new design configurations and associated documents, the time saving is huge and the process becomes simple and robust, with elimination of back and forth communications between valuable resources.


Win the battle
Design timelines are tighter. Providing the clients with required designs and details faster and accurate let them prefer you easily over your competitors, as they can avoid delays.

Efficient utilization of engineering resources
Best outcomes are seen when engineers are used for innovative and new designs rather than repeatedly re-configuring the products with existing designs.

Save development costs
Profit margins are expanded when the costs associated with engineering resources utilization on repetitive tasks and reworks are diminished and eliminated.

An ideal marketing tool
As a marketing tool, visual configurators enable presentation of complex products to potential customers in the best way.

Reach new customers
Win more business by engaging product searchers with immersive 3D experience.


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